Is your website an essential element of your lead generation strategy? No? Why not? Your website, when set up and utilized correctly, is an extremely powerful and cost effective business tool.

The primary purpose of your website is (or should be) to differentiate your preschool program from your competition and guide prospective families to contact you for a tour. Many preschools mistakenly think a DIY website will accomplish this task. I audit preschool websites every day and it is rare to see a website that is designed to reach its potential. Even a well thought out and well designed website can always be improved upon. Many preschools think it is cost effective to create a DIY website. However, there are several reasons why this is not true.

Your time is too valuable.

You could probably figure out how to change the brake pads on your car if you really needed to, but would you want to? No, you leave that to the experts who can do a better job in a fraction of the time. Same with your website. It is time consuming to create a DIY website. There is a steep learning curve. You are an expert on early child education, not preschool marketing. You will spend too much time on a product that will not stand out from your competition. You need someone who specializes in the preschool market and can create and maintain it for you in a professional and timely manner.

Vacancies cost you too much revenue to skimp on your website.

How much revenue does a vacancy cost you? On average, one vacancy costs around $3300 per year (more if your program is year round). If you have 5 vacancies in your program, that’s over $16,000 per year in lost revenue! Let Momentum Website Design show you how boost your outreach efforts by generating leads for your program. Your website should include features such as

  • Search engine and mobile friendly pages to maximize the number of visitors your site receives
  • Strategies to increase website traffic
  • Email list sign up so that you can communicate with prospective families
  • An automated email campaign to prospective families to keep them interested in your program and educate them on the qualities of your program
  • Contact form to make it simple and easy for prospective families to schedule a tour
  • Website content which distinguishes your preschool program from your competition

Automate your process.

Outreach is a critical part of your enrollment process, and your website is an indispensable part of it. Automating your marketing strategy is a cost effective approach that works 24/7 while giving you more time to spend on other areas of your business.

Is your DIY website performing all of these functions for you, and performing them well? Do you consistently achieve the number of inquiries from prospective families that you need to maintain full enrollment? How many vacancies do you need to fill? Can you afford to have your website underperforming? Contact me at for a free audit of your website performance, and a free strategy phone call. Together, we will develop a strategy to build your enrollment and achieve your revenue goals.

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