If you could have a free web page on a web site with 2 BILLION users, including current and prospective preschool parents right in your local community, you’d be crazy to pass on it, right? Right!  That is what a Facebook offers you.  All you need to do is create a free Facebook Business Page and reap the following benefits. 

It’s FREE!

1. Free advertising is not easy to come by, so when it does, you should take advantage of it.  All you need to do to create your preschool’s Facebook Business Page is to select the option for Create -> Page on the left margin of your Facebook home screen and follow the prompts.  You will be the page owner and will be the only person who can make changes to your business page unless you designate other administrators.  Therefore, it’s better to do this using your own Facebook account rather than allow a parent volunteer or staff member to create it for you using their account.

Follow Your Clients

2. Parents of children under 5 are the most active users of social media.  They are on Facebook, so you should be too. Having a presence on the same social media platforms that parents are on just makes good business sense.  It helps get parents engaged with your school when they can follow your school’s updates, “like” them, and comment on them, and increases community awareness for your program.


3. When you have a Facebook Business Page, parents can “check in” and share their location with their friends. Facebook users have about 200 Facebook friends on average and many of their friends are probably also parents with preschool age children. You will benfit from this free advertising for your school.

It’s Insightful

4. Facebook offers “Insights” for Business Pages, which give you a lot of analytical information about how many people are viewing your page and their demographics. You can see how many people have viewed your posts, how many have clicked through to your website, how many people are following your page, etc. and you can view this information by post/update.

Get Found

5. It’s easy to get found on Facebook. Facebook has a sophisticated search engine which makes it easy for people to find you.  Facebook Business Pages are also indexed on Google, so it makes it easier for searchers to find you when searching on Google too.

Get Reviews

6. You can receive reviews on Facebook with a business page. Encourage parents to leave reviews about your program.  Testimonials are the most powerful marketing tool out there.

Get A Boost

7. Owners of Facebook Business Pages can “boost” posts and place ads, which is a very inexpensive way to advertise your business. Boosting a post is similar to placing an ad on Facebook. It allows you take a post from your Facebook Business Page and show it to people who do not yet follow your page.  The number of people you will reach will depend on your budget, but Facebook ads are very inexpensive and can reach thousands of Facebook users for under $20.  Furthermore, you can target your post or ad to a very specific group such as parents of preschoolers in a specific city, or parents in a specific city who have an interest in Montessori, etc  AND Facebook will target the ad to people most likely to engage with your ad depending on whether your ad goal is clicks to your website, page likes, newsletter subscribers, etc.  You can even show ads only to people who have visited your website.  This allows you to maximize your return on your advertising dollar by showing your ad only to your target demographic.

With so much potential exposure available for your preschool program through a Facebook Business Page for free or at a very low cost, you cannot afford to pass on this opportunity to promote your preschool program.

If you would like help setting up or promoting your Facebook Business Page, contact me today.

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