One of the best ways to increase business at your preschool is to have plenty of positive online reviews, but obtaining these reviews is not always an easy process. People are often hesitant to take the time to write a review, even if they have a very positive experience with their child being under your care during the day. Having a method for obtaining reviews will help increase the response from your students’ parents, and it will help spread the word about your child care business. Here are seven creative ways to solicit and respond to customer reviews.

1. Have A Reward System In Place

People are more willing to invest their time in an honest and thoughtful review when there is a reward. If you offer some sort of reward, perhaps a small tuition discount or a Starbucks gift card, you are more likely to get the reviews you desire. If you think whatever you are offering is something you would personally want, then chances are your parents will also value that reward. Providing an incentive will help increase your review rate, and it is entirely up to you how much you want to discount or what you want to offer in exchange for a review.

2. Make It Easy And Convenient

Some parents might say that they will leave a review, but by the time they get home or start to do their regular tasks, they will either forget to take the time and leave you a review. If you have a computer or a place for them to do their review writing when they come to pick their child up, then you are much more likely to get them to leave one right then and there. Also, consider having an option or link available on your homepage that can take them to leave reviews (you might need some clever design for this), or remind them later through email.

3. Send Reminders Via Email

If you are already sending a weekly newsletter or schedule of events, you can simply add a link to the bottom of the email for parents to click on where they will be directed to a review page. By sending a written review invitations with a link, the parents can find the time on their own to leave a review whenever it is convenient for them. Doing this will allow them to leave a well thought out and honest review for your preschool.

4. Make A Phone Call

When you have that one parent that keeps saying they will leave a review but keeps forgetting, it might be helpful for you to pick up the phone and make an old-fashioned phone call to ask them for a review. Make sure you are not calling at dinner time, and make it as convenient as possible for the reviewer, so they do not have any negativity to add into their review.

5. Keep Your Social Media Site Up To Date

If you have a Facebook or Instagram page for your child care business, then you are offering your parents one of the most convenient ways to leave a review. Since most parents are on their Facebook accounts in the evening hours, schedule a post to remind them about leaving a review. You will be more likely to receive just what you are looking for. As long as you are keeping your page up to date and posting relevant content, photos, etc, then they will have no reason but to leave a raving review.

6. Send Out A Survey

Instead of having your parents write a review without any guidance as far as what they write down, consider creating a survey that will only take them a few minutes to complete. This will help them as they are creating a review and you will get more responses by having an organized method for obtaining feedback.

7. Follow Up

If parents take the time to leave a positive review for you and your business, then it is courteous to send an email thanking them for their time leaving you a review. This can be a quick note with just a few lines expressing your gratitude for them trusting you with their child as well as taking time out of their busy lives to help your business continue to grow.

The process of getting reviews from parents can be tedious, but as long as you are not nagging them they should be more than willing to leave you a review. Don’t be discouraged if you have to remind several people multiple times to leave a review, but be sure to tell them how much it means to you and how much it helps your business to grow in your community.


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