Of all the things that you can do for your website to help with traffic, having a solid blog presence is one of the best. You most likely already know that blogs are important, but what you might not know is the why and how. Below are a few reasons why the content you produce can help increase your traffic.

Social Media Shares

The nature of a post going “viral” is that people find it interesting and pass it on to their friends. This is incredibly prevalent among moms, which is your primary target. In order to do that, however, they need to see content that is rich and engaging, preferably with a few images attached to it. This content can be shared not only within personal networks but also on groups and fan pages that will see it as relevant and share it with their networks too. The more fun stories you can tell or information about your programs you can share with these moms, the more likely they are to check out your school.

Internal Links

Provided you have multiple blog posts already on your site, it’s a good practice to link between these as you can to funnel traffic from page to page. Internal links are a great way to increase your domain authority and position yourself as an authority in your space. This helps you show up in Google searches, which means people will be able to find you.

Specific Content

Nothing drives search rankings better than providing laser-targeted resources to answering people’s very specific questions. Content that is relevant to their needs and creates a reliable resource will be viewed over and over again by people looking for those answers. Resist the urge to go generic with your content; focus in on a specific feature or program that your school has and address it authoritatively.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the bread and butter of every website’s traffic source: nail it, and you’ll have an everlasting stream of visitors; ignore it, and you’ll lose out on thousands of possible eyeballs. The right content not only follows the optimal word count for your industry but also utilizes keywords that are most sought-after to your audience. Implement them naturally throughout your post and you’ll start to see people looking for those words come directly to your site. The better your content, the more the keywords will just naturally show up in the content.

Interesting Content

Remember the most important rule of any blog is that content is king. All the tips and tricks you can try are meaningless if you do not post interesting content regularly. Keep in mind the length and font of a post is almost as important as the content. Unless it is a highly technical post for specific experts you will want to make sure your posts are highly digestible and easy to share. You can easily check how social media posts or blog posts will look using preview features or by using free counter software that is easily available online.


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